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Windcall Institute, a Project of Common Counsel Foundation

The Windcall Institute is a twenty-year-old national program to renew and develop organizers and leaders who foster civic participation in the social, economic and environmental justice movements. Windcall’s central goal is to promote leadership longevity and organizational stability by investing in leadership renewal. The program has made positive impacts on the sustainability and leadership capacity of participants and on the cultures of their nonprofit organizations. The Windcall Institute is a sponsored project of Common Counsel Foundation.

Through the Community Leadership Project, Windcall provides residencies that renew and develop leaders of color.

Regions Served: Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley
Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, Monterey, San Benito, San Joaquin, Santa Cruz, Stanislaus and Tulare counties

Total Award: $85,000

Program Details:
Over the course of three years, Windcall is offering its signature two- or three-week residency program to 15 nonprofit leaders of color from the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast. The Windcall residency cohort is comprised of up to five members and provides each participant the opportunity to craft her/his own learning curriculum. Windcall will offer ten post-residency coaching sessions per participant using a pool of coaches, many of them Windcall alumni. Coaching helps recent graduates implement what they learned and pursue more sustainable practices as they return to challenging work environments. Windcall will also hold a convening with alumni residents to share tools and discuss how to integrate new practices into their organizations.

Selection Process:
Windcall has a broad definition of leaders, which includes executive directors and frontline staff, generally in the second leadership tier. Personal contact is key to Windcall’s recruitment approach and the organization uses staff and an alumni network to identify potential participants.

Project Launched: Spring 2010


Project Contact:
Holly Fincke
(510) 834-3892