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Council of Mexican American Federations

The Council of Mexican American Federations (COFEM) was founded in 2002 as a way for diverse immigrant organizations to come together to address critical issues affecting the Latino immigrant community. The council unites more than 200 hometown associations—immigrant organizations with a common hometown as a bond—and promotes the advancement of the Latino community in North America through public policy advocacy, community organizing, leadership and organizational development, educational and cultural programs, and bi-national projects.

Through the Community Leadership Project, the Council of Mexican American Federations conducts training for leaders of hometown associations.

Region Served: San Joaquin Valley
Fresno, Kern, Merced, Stanislaus and Tulare counties

Total Award: $150,000

Program Details:
The Council of Mexican American Federations is adapting its successful Programa de Asistencia y Soporte Organizacional (PASO) program to develop the leadership skills and organizational capacity of up to 50 leaders from at least 10 hometown associations in the San Joaquin Valley. The leadership development program is implemented in two groups, with each group participating in three leadership institutes over a year-long period.

The council has selected 29 leaders for the first group and has begun implementing its new leadership development curriculum. These leaders represent nine hometown associations, with two or three participants per organization. The program, which consists of four-hour training sessions offered once a month on the weekend, started in November 2010. To date, COFEM has held two trainings, the first on leadership philosophies and the second on individual and shared leadership.

Selection Process:
The Council of Mexican American Federations will recruit federations and hometown associations in the San Joaquin Valley for its second learning cohort, prioritizing organizations that have nonprofit status or, in some cases, are in the process of obtaining nonprofit status. Applicants must demonstrate they have a committed leadership team of three to five staff and two emerging leaders willing to participate in this long-term and intensive program.

Project Launched: Fall 2010


Project Contact:
Susana Bonis
(213) 417-8386